MAKING THE BODICE BLOCK - A one day workshop

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MAKING THE BODICE BLOCK - A one day workshop


This workshop focusses on drafting the basic darted bodice and sleeve using individual measurements.

This workshop can accommodate ALL skill levels.

Often commercial or industry patterns adhere to a fixed idea of bust, waist and hip measurements that do not align with the fit you are trying to achieve. 

Want to know how to change that or draft to your measurements from scratch?

The ONE DAY workshop gives you the opportunity to learn how to draft the basic bodice block to your own or a clients specific measurements. This process will allow you to understand the formulas and techniques in pattern making blocks from the drafting stage. This will enable you to embed non-standard measurements into your pattern making process.

This one day course will be broken down into THREE key parts.

1.  Learning how to draft the basic bodice block using standard measurements to understand the process of how this works.

2.  Altering the basic bodice block to adjust key fitting areas such as: -enlarging the bust, altering the shoulder slope to accommodate different body shapes, lengthening or shortening the bodice in key areas to adjust for a perfect fit and adjusting the sleeve to accommodate changes in the body shape. There will be examples shown to the class on how these adjustments work on the body.

3.  Creating the bodice block using individual measurements. You will be shown how to measure the body correctly to begin your pattern making exercise.

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SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9th 2019 9.30am- 4.00pm

Payment Options

PAYPAL and EFT available


learn how to make the bodice to industry and personal measurements

We provide you with

Helpful handouts on pattern making techniques learnt in class and mock ups of garments to show how these techniques work.
Pattern making paper for class exercises
Long rulers to use during class time

Please bring with you

Pens, Pencils, Eraser, Masking tape, Small ruler(s), Set square if available, Paper scissors, Pins

Course content

  • Understanding the key terms of pattern making terminology

  • Drafting the basic bodice block and sleeve

  • Understanding the key techniques in pattern making & construction

  • How to use these patterns and blocks at home to create your own designs

  • Comprehensive pattern making instructions by industry leaders.